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These are to ensure you understand our policies and business operations.
This is a legal document and is permissible in a court of law

All members must first agree to our terms and conditions before you are permitted to register. Once you register you are agreeing to
these terms and conditions.

We provide full training to all members, and do not require previous experience.  We provide all instructions and resources for this
position within your members area.

You agree you will not disclose this information our supply our resources to  another individual or company

You understand that you will be placing ads and collecting information from the internet for pay

Your Contact Information:

You  must have a valid email address where we can contact you. If you move or change email addresses, you agree to notify us via email
as soon as possible so that we can keep your profile updated at all times.


You understand that you are considered an Independent Contractor and therefore responsible for your own taxes.
You understand each member can only have 1 membership and there may only be 1 membership per household.
You understand anyone found to be working 2 memberships will have their account terminated without notice.
You understand we do not tolerate spam and any member caught spamming will have their account terminated without notice.
You acknowlegge there is a  report processing fee and a payment processing fee which are determined by the size of the assignment.
They range from $1-$5
You agree that you will receive email advertisements from our sponsors from time to time


We reserve the right to change, cancel or end any offers, opportunities as well as the payment terms, options and rates at our sole
discretion. We will do our best to notify you via email within 5 days of any change in policies.


You understand that  full instructions can be found in your members area
You understand your typing assignments (Basic and Associate)are offered and paid by IType4Pay directly. All other positions are offered
from 3rd party companies and are free to register with.
You understand the processing and Ultimate Data Entry Jobs payment is based on sales and that these positions are not guaranteed
income for work done jobs
You understand for the processing job you will be required to create a webpage for free following our directions or pay for one to operate
your business
PPC Clicks are paid on unique clicks only. 1 Click per isp in a 30 day period. Payments will be adjusted to represent only valid clicks.
Clicks must come from real traffic sources and not auto surf sites or other sites where the click is software generated


A franchise owner must register a minimum of 10 members per month or there will be a franchise fee of $150 for that month and you will
not receive the $1 per report commission. If you do not pay the $150 your details will be removed from the locations page.
You must remain a financial franchise (send regular members) in order for your members to be paid on time. If you become inactive then
your members payments are paid slower. By opening a franchise you are running your own business and you must
operate as such. Thi means you need to bring in more income then is being paid out. If your members are earning $2000 per month you
need to be bringing this amount or more to cover their incomes. Should you not keep up with your signups and be able to pay your
members your franchise will be closed.

If you are registering via a franchise please note it is the franchise owners  responsibility to send enough funds to cover the payments of
their members. If you have a payment issue please discus it with your franchise owner. If a franchise should close your current account
will close and you will have the option to re register directly with us.


You understand your typing assignment payments are sent by Paypal or Payza within 14 - 60 days of your work being processed
depending on your position and the payment options you have listed in your account. If you register via a franchise you are
bound by the TOS of franchise owners above meaning if the franchise becomes inactive financially then your payments will be delayed
Free Data Entry members are paid in order of sales. If you make 10 or more sales in a month you will be paid within 30 days, 6-10 within
40 days, 1-5 within 50 days. No sales per within 60 days. All commissions on sales are paid within 24 hours of the sale being
made.Basic members are paid 30-60 days after work is processed depending on how many payment options they have. Associate
members are paid 14-60 days from submission of work depending on payment options.
We are a non profit organisation all funds generated from sales goes directly to paying our members. At times of slow sales payments
will be slower then usual. When sales are good payments maybe faster. You will find updates on payments in your members area if we
are experiencing difficulties sending payments on time. We are an honest company and will keep you updated.

Software and Resources

You understand that your membership fee covers all your software and resources found in your members area
You understand that the software works on all windows applications but may not download on mac systems.
You understand that you are not required to use the software and other methods are also available to you in your members centre
Free Data Entry Members are issued with a shortened list of tools and resources. You can purchase additional resources in your
members area or upgrade to Basic or Associate to receive full access

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds
The products/Position you are purchasing is non-tangible(they are digital online products that are not hard copies that can not be sent
back to us). The tools and resources found in your members area are yours to keep even if you close your account.
You can earn back the cost of your purchase by doing the work and can close your account at any time.
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Terms And Conditions